Swiss AI Safety Summer Camp

About the Camp

According to 80,000 Hours, reducing risks from advanced artificial intelligence might be one of the most effective ways to improve the world. 

Our Camp is designed to provide a gateway into the world of AI Safety and create an enjoyable experience for all participants. 

With a focus on the key sub-domains of AI Safety, including conceptual aspects of the alignment problem, mechanistic interpretability, and governance, we offer a multidisciplinary learning experience through technical activities such as deep learning courses, paper readings, and discussions, presentations, and lectures. 

We would be particularly enthusiastic to receive applications representing a wide range of diversity. Women, racialised people, people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ people are strongly encouraged to apply.

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(If you don't have these prerequisites, we still encourage you to apply. We are able to send you preparation-resources upfront)


Applications are now closed.



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About Us

The Swiss AI Safety Summer Camp is run by a group of volunteers who believe AI system may pose a serious threat.

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